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What is Mouth To Lung (MTL)!?

What is Mouth To Lung (MTL)!?

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Mouth to lung vaping has been around for a very long time. My first introduction to MTL vaping was with old school cartomizers about 5 years ago, I still remember purchasing 3 or 4 kangertech protank 3’s with a few vision spinner 2’s to power them up to something like 4.2 volts. Back in the early days of vaping you would have the majority of devices rocking very little or no air flow slots at all giving the user a very restricted draw, more often than not people would draw on them much the same way a person would draw on a cigarette. While mouth to lung vaping is mostly to recreate the draw of a cigarette, it’s entirely preferential how you choose to vape whether that be with a tighter draw pod system or a box mod and an RDA.

So what makes a device a mouth to lung (MTL device)? Typically the device would have to have very restricted airflow, a bit too much airflow and you're getting closer to a restricted lung hit vape where you're still pulling vapor directly into your lungs but with a bit more resistance. Bearing in mind too that restricted lung hits and mouth to lung hits can often be done on the same devices with adjustable airflow too. The Coils for a mouth to lung vape are usually higher resistance ranging from .8 ohms to as high as 2.5 ohms, this allows for you to get a satisfying vape with lower wattages. Juices that people put in mouth to lung devices can vary, traditionally you would want to be using some thinner 50vg/50pg vape juice, although depending on the device you may want to go for a higher VG (vegetable glycerin) content. Nicotine levels are entirely preferential someone might want to use Salt nicotine or high nicotine freebase juices while others might just be looking to get a tighter draw but with lower nicotine even 0% nicotine juices at the end of the day it’s entirely up to you.

There are several reasons why a mouth to lung device might be good for you. If you are a smoker and you are trying to quit sometimes it’s easier to quit with mouth to lung, since the draw is usually closer to that of a traditional cigarette and tobacco products. If you are looking to get your nicotine fix but are not looking to blow large obstructive clouds than mouth to lung devices might be something to look into. Mouth to lung devices especially pod systems are quite small, someone tired of carrying a box mod with a large atomizer might want to shrink their every day carry. No matter what your preference in vapes happens to be there has never been a better time to get into mouth to lung vaping. The technology in the vaping world is getting better every day, and mouth to lung technology has been around long enough to see some huge strides especially in the last year with pod systems dominating the market. If you have any questions about mouth to lung devices or are just curious what devices are available please hit us up one of our social media platforms.




Check out a few MTL devices we have available: 






HQ Tylor

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