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Smok Nord Review Sub Ohm and MTL in a POD SYSTEM!!!!

Smok Nord Review Sub Ohm and MTL in a POD SYSTEM!!!!

The Smok Nord Kit


Package Contents:


The Smok Nord starter kit is by far one of the most flavorful vaping experience I’ve tried to date. In the box, you get the device itself, an instruction manual, a QC card, 1x .6ohm mesh coil, and 1x 1.4ohm round wire coil, and a charging cable. My first impressions were quite good, picking up the Nord I could tell immediately that the build quality was very good, not unlike the Novo Smok’s previous pod system. The Battery life on the Nord is quite fair with 1100 mAh to give you a day’s worth of vaping, and replacing coils is very simple they are press-fitted into the bottom of the pod so simply pull out the old one and pop in the new one.

First I tried the Sub ohm nord mesh coil, so I put in the .6ohm mesh coil and primed it up with our HQ strawberry iced cream e-juice and the flavour on the mesh coils is phenomenal, the vapour production for a pod system is very substantial. At first, it honestly shocked me how warm and plentiful the vapour was off of such a small device. When comparing it to other sub ohm pod coils like the aspire breeze 2’s .6 ohm coil this one wins bar none in both flavour and vapour production. This is definitely one of the best experiences I’ve had running a 70vg/30pg blend liquids through a pod system. There was no gurgling or leaking with the coil head I had and it comes very close to the same experience you would get from a restricted lung sub ohm tank.

I also quite enjoyed the mouth to lung 1.4-ohm coil, the draw seems to be altered by the coil head you put into the Nord. the 1.4 ohm round wire coil provides an airy draw that is still tight enough for a good mouth to lung hit and simultaneously provides enough airflow for you restricted lung hit vapers. The coils included provides very good flavour, I tested this coil with Fogged out Vapes Lady B’s lemonade 20mg the sour and sweet lemonade flavour was amazing on this coil head. All together this coil provides a fantastic flavorful mouth to lung experience and at 1.4ohms your battery will be lasting all day long.

Now at first, I was pretty excited to see Smok try out something new with a ceramic coil head. The coil comes out at a very high 1.4ohms which for all intents and purposes make it great for high nicotine juices. To test this coil I tried it out with the same bottle of Fogged out Lady B’s Lemonade that I put through the round wire mouth to lung coil. Normally I’m not a huge fan of ceramic coils. I’ve tried some that were great, and others that were just ok. Smok did well with this one though. Like a lot of ceramic coils, they do produce good amounts of vapour although still not too much considering the resistance is still 1.4ohms. The flavour of the ceramic coil is very clean and cool much like a mesh coil. I did enjoy the lemonade favour more out of this coil than the round wire coil head, however, I would imagine a desert flavour might be best run in the round wire coil head.


With all that in mind, I would recommend the Smok Nord to anyone who is looking for a versatile pod system that they can bring with them instead of a larger mod. This is a great option if your a sub ohm vaper looking for something discrete to bring with you, it’s also great if you're using nicotine salts or regular 50/50 juices. It’s extremely easy to use, the fact that the coils are press-fitted into place makes it possible for almost anyone to use the Nord. The battery life is great making it convenient for an all-day carry, and the coil life is very good when comparing it to other similar devices.

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