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EMT and Credit Cards Accepted
EMT and Credit Cards Accepted

Vivant Rift



The RIFT by ViVant is a convection tri-bowl heating style vaporizer that boasts a mighty vapor production, strong tasting flavor, and a multitude of customizability for the best user experience. The Hybrid Heater of the RIFT utilizes a Tri-Bowl design, three partitions separates the users prefered media giving them the choice and ability to be creative. The Tri-Bowl can effectively heat up the users dry herb without needing to grind the media. While being able to use dry herbs the user can also use a stainless steel mesh pad for any herbal concentrate use. The Hybrid Heater can be removed for cleaning with ease with every corner to fit cue-tips perfectly. The OLED display shows precision temperature control that ranges from 248°F to 455°F, a battery life indicator, user settings, and options. Navigating through the display is done with the menu button and adjustment buttons. The RIFT features three customizable user settings with Flower Mode, Herbal Concentrate Mode, and Custom Mode; Custom Mod grants users to select session time (up to 5 minutes), maintain preset temperature for up to 2 minutes, and use turbo mode. Turbo Mode utilizes maximum power and maximum temperature per settings letting users to quickly heat up their device; Turbo Mode can be used by pressing the power button. Located on the top of the RIFT is a removable magnetic mouthpiece that can be flipped over for users to use the airtight seal. The Airtight seal locks in the odor allowing for a more discreet carry. Airflow enters the RIFT through the side allowing for the Heat Recycler to take into effect. The Heat Recycler cools down the hot air coming out and heats up the cold air coming in, saving the battery life and insuring a smooth, cool vapor. The ViVant RIFT is a compact, versatile and pocket friendly device that any on-the-go vapor should use.

  • All in One System
    • 10 Second Heat-Up Time
    • 80W Maximum Output Power
  • Customizable User Interface
    • Dry Herb Mode
    • Herbal Concentrate Mode
    • Custom Mode
      • Turbo Mode
        • Utilizes Maximum Power and Temperature per Setting
  • RIFT Technology Tri-Bowl Design
    • Effectively Heats Dry Herb or Herbal Concentrate
    • Grinding Not Required
    • Three Different Choices of Dry Herb or Concentrate at the Same Time
    • Easily Removable for Cleaning
    • Hidden Cleaning Rod Located Along the Edge
  • Vibration Notifications
  • Clear OLED Display
    • Battery Life Indicator
    • Temperature Display
    • Settings Display
  • Four Button Control Interface
    • Oversized Fire Button
    • Adjustment Buttons
    • Menu Button
  • Magnetic Mouthpiece
    • Resealable Mouthpiece
    • Air Tight Seal Locks in Oder
  • USB Charging and Firmware Update
  • Heat Recycler
    • Fully Isolated Air Paths
  • Sleek and Ultra-Portable Design
  • Two Year Manufacture Warranty