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EMT and Credit Cards Accepted
EMT and Credit Cards Accepted

General Hydroponics FloraNova Grow

FloraNova Grow supports and nourishes plants from their first moments of growth into later stages. It's also ideal for delivering needed nutrients to mother plants and new cuttings so you can establish them with confidence.

FloraNova is a breakthrough in a bottle. Its patented formula gives you the robust fertilizer strength usually found in a dry form, but with the quick application of a liquid. That means you can give your plants the nutrients they need, rapidly and easily.

FloraNova Grow...

For all types of plants & gardens
Releases minerals throughout the plant cycle
Supports and nourishes plants from birth to growth
For mother plants, new cuttings and plants
Can be used with Liquid KoolBloom and Floralicious Plus

Detailed description:

Nitrogen 7%
Phosphate 4%
Potash 10%
Available sizes 473ML, 946ML, 3.79L, 9.46L