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EMT and Credit Cards Accepted

Vuse ePod2+ Solo Device


Introducing the NEW Vuse ePod 2+ by Vuse (formerly Vype).

The new VUSE epod 2+ is a game changer! This new device includes a power/lock button and connects to the My Vuse app via Bluetooth on your mobile phone. The new VUSE/VYPE ePod 2+ is compatible with the complete line of Vuse Pods.

The Vuse (formerly Vype) ePod 2+ device by British American Tobacco (BAT) is a compact vaping device with Bluetooth connectivity for an experience like no other!

The Vuse ePod 2+ is almost the same shape as the Vuse epod 2 and charging cable is interchangeable with the Vuse epod 2. The VUSE ePod 2+ features a button on the side for Bluetooth pairing, and to lock or unlock the device.

The VUSE ePod 2+ connects to Android & Apple on your mobile device and its main features are: 

    • Device Lock - Locks your Vuse epod 2+ device so others can’t use it
    • Find My Vape - is a device locator to assist you in locating your lost vape
    • Cloud Control - allows you to increase or decrease vapor production, up to 6.5w
    • Recharge Reminder - tracks battery usage and life 
    • Usage Tracker - keeps track of how often your device is used


  • VUSE ePod 2+ Device
  • USB Magnetic Charger
  • User Manual