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Vaping Problems - Tips and Tricks part 2

Vaping Problems - Tips and Tricks part 2

Having Vape Problems PT1 (Pods and Tanks Leaking OH NO!)

Having problems with your vape is normal, we’re here to help you resolve them!

Everyone has issues sometimes and like any technology, there are common tips and tricks to work out the issues with your vape. In this article series, I want to highlight some of the common issues we all have with our vapes and the easiest ways you can take care of them. One thing to consider too whether you are using a pod system or an expensive box mod with an RDA or a sub ohm tank there are going to be quirks and tricks to your specific device, if your ever unsure of what to do and your problem isn’t covered in here you can reach out to us on our facebook page or come see us in store. We are always happy to troubleshoot your issues with you. Remember even though technology is frustrating sometimes we would rather you get help with your device than reach for a pack of analog smokes.


Pods and Coils leaking OH NO!

So one of the most common problems we encounter from week to week with customers buying different products is their vape is leaking juice. This can happen for a number of different reasons, one of the big ones is the changing climate. Some people in sunny California won’t have these issues but here in Canada, the cold is our constant companion. When the winter months hit and the temperatures are low, keep your vapes warm. The changing temps can cause your o rings to loosen or in some cases, with sealed disposable pods, the cold can cause the pressure in your pod to reverse and leak. So one of the ways you can avoid this when your outside keep your vape on your persons. Your inside jacket pockets are your friends when your traveling in the colder months, your body heat will assist in keeping your vape at a normal temperature and help prevent leaking. Also, this goes without saying but do not leave your vape in your car overnight or you may find it swimming in juice the next morning.


Poor coil installation can be an issue for many people as well. Most of the time this is a non-issue but in some cases, if you don’t have the coil threaded in tight or one of the o rings sealing your coil came loose in the installation process you can end up with a puddle of juice around your mod. If your tank or pod is leaking one of the first things to try is drain the tank and reseat the coil after double checking the o-rings to make sure they are intact. If this process doesn’t fix the issue one thing to consider is the possibility of a dud coil or pod. It’s unfortunate to think about but coils and pods are mass produced by the millions and although some companies have the process more or less perfected there is always the chance of getting a bad coil. EIther the cotton is too thin at one of the wick ports or it wasn’t inserted into the coil housing or pod correctly, either way, a dud coil can come in the form of a functioning coil that leaks for no reason as well.


One of the last things that can cause leaking is a burnt coil. A lot of people like to vape a coil past the point where the cotton has gone bad. I know some people that fight through the burnt taste for a few more days to get their normal life out of a coil or pod. This is not recommended however but time and time again people seem to keep doing this, one thing to keep in mind, however, is that your burnt coils are more susceptible to leaking than a fresh one. After you’ve started breaking down the cotton and it’s not tasting normal or even if it’s tasting burnt you definitely increase your chances of leaking. I suppose it’s up to you if you keep vaping on a burnt coil again we don’t recommend it at all, but be warned that it can leak a lot faster than a fresh coil.


So, In the end, there are a lot of things that can cause your tank or pod system to leak, check the tank to make sure it’s not cracked. Double check to make sure your O-rings aren’t broken or torn. Double check to make sure the coil is seated properly in the tank. If all else fails it could just be the coil itself. In some cases, even a coil that’s been sitting in the tank for a while can leak, the wicking just becomes more and more efficient as time goes on and a tank that’s been sitting on the shelf for long enough will almost always drain itself out eventually. In conclusion, it doesn’t matter whether you vape pod systems or box mods with sub ohm tanks every vape can leak. It’s up to you to check the various components to make sure they are intact and functioning correctly, if you need help with this however don’t hesitate to contact us on our facebook page or even drop by the shop if you have time and we’ll do everything we can to help you sort out your problems.


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