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How Do Cannabis Vaporizers Work and Why You Might want to Try One?

How Do Cannabis Vaporizers Work and Why You Might want to Try One?

How Do Cannabis Vaporizers Work and Why You Might want to Try One?


Mighty, Crafty, Pax 2, Pax 3, Divinci IQ, Pulsar APX, and the Airizer Air 2. What are these things and why are they worth trying out. All of those devices and many many more are Cannabis Vaporizers and they are all different but very similar. Cannabis Vaporizers were used in the past for many reasons one of which is to consume Cannabis without producing tar or other chemicals that come from the process of combustion. These devices are usually smoother than traditional smoking methods and are a safer way to consume cannabis. So whether you are a medical marijuana patient looking for a safer way to consume or a recreational user looking for something different we have you covered, in this article I hope to answer some of your questions about how these devices work and what makes one better than the other for different people.


Cannabis Vaporizers fundamentally work the same way from the lower priced Pulsar APX or Airistech Viva to the most expensive ones like the Mighty or the Volcano. These devices are a lot like ovens for your Cannabis, some of them are ceramic ovens or convection ovens, others like the Volcano have heaters and fans to fill a large bag with vapor that you can consume over time. Regardless of the method, the thing to point out is that all these devices all heat the herbs to a high temperature to release the active ingredients without causing combustion, in essence, giving you the desired effects from the cannabis without the inhalation of tar or other byproducts of combustion. With that being said each of these products has a different range of features and functions, as well as a varying degree of vapor quality and draw styles to chose from.

The options with cannabis plant vaporizers are endless so when trying to decide on one to purchase I recommend thinking about a few key specifications. The big one being battery life, first consider how long your planning on using your vaporizer each day and how frequently you will be able to charge it. If you have easy access to an outlet for a lot of the day you might not mind a smaller battery as much as someone who will be bringing it with them everywhere they go. Some devices even have removable batteries that can be replaced if the cell becomes weak after long periods of use like the divinci or the vivant alternate. While battery is important another thing to take into considering before purchasing a herbal vaporizer for cannabis is the warranty. Depending on the company you might want to look into warranty life of a product. The way I think about it when I purchase a product like this is, even if it’s built to last me 4-5 years someone somewhere might have received a dud or maybe damaged it before it’s life was up. This isn’t so much an issue with some products but with herbal vapes that are hand held you want to be careful, sometimes the difference between 1 year warranty and a 10 year warranty is 60-70 dollars.


If you would like to buy one we offer free shipping on orders over $99

Low end: 

Herba Viva

Herba 3 in 1

Pulsar APX

Mid Range:

Grindhouse Shift

Airizer Air

Vivant Alternate

Grenco Science G pen elite

Vivant Rift

Hight End 



Regardless of your reason for considering a cannabis vaporizer they are fantastic products with a lot to offer. You can taste the herbs much better, and get the most out of them. You can mitigate the smell a little bit however not completely but I’m sure for some of our neighbors or friends who don’t smoke it’s a good thing. You are using a heat not burn system so with that in mind your reducing the levels of combustibles your inhaling on a day to day basis. Or maybe you have just tried one before and you liked the experience since the effects are a bit different. Regardless we have you covered. If you have any questions about Cannabis vaporizers send us a message on Facebook we’d be more than happy to help.


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