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EMT Payment option available now.
EMT Payment option available now

Incredibowl i420 with Case


From the manufacturer: The Incredibowl is the product of countless hours of design, testing, and research and development. We threw out every bit of conventional wisdom about glass pieces: that they have to be fragile, that the carb has to be a small valve, and that throat and lung irritation comes with the territory. Our initial design team pondered the basic functions and features that would make an ideal smoking experience and worked to incorporate them all. From the outset, the piece was designed with a glass bowl, because we believe that what you smoke should taste like what it is, not what it's smoked out of. We knew that the piece had to be unbreakable, and designed BowlArmor TM technology to allow our borosilicate glass smoking element to withstand serious impact. Having committed to working with 6061 aluminum, we took advantage of the state-of-the-art in computer aided design to perfect the airflow and create the Annular Purge Carb TM - a carb made to work harder for cooling and clearance than any other design can. As our engineering team grew, the Smoke Injection Nozzle was recognized as an ideal filtration point, and the stainless steel screen was introduced to catch the embers pulled into the high-velocity airstream. Finally, we decided on polycarbonate as the ideal material for the Expansion Chamber for its shatterproof chemical makeup, light weight and transparency, allowing a full-view of the Incredibowl's one-of-a-kind flow dynamics. After over a year and half, we completed the i420 edition - it's easy to smoke, easy to clean, easy on your lungs, and hard to break. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.