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EMT and Credit Cards Accepted
EMT and Credit Cards Accepted

FoxFarm Dirty Dozen Starter Kit

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The Dirty Dozen™ Starter Kit includes twelve of FoxFarm’s finest liquid nutrients and soluble fertilizers. Nine pints of nutrients from their base series and their industry-favorite Bush Doctor line and three 6oz tubs of their organic granulated growth-enhancing amendments, all in one place! The Dirty Dozen Set Includes 1. Grow Big (6-4-4) Extra Strength Liquid Plant Food 2.Tiger Bloom (2-8-4) Vicious Bloomer 3. Big Bloom (0-.5-.7) Organic Liquid Plant Food 4. Bush Doctor Boomerang (2-.2-.3) Microbial “Comeback” Formula 5. Bush Doctor Flowers Kiss (1-.3-.05) Spray-On Foliar Plant Food 6. Bush Doctor Sledge Hammer Organic Nutrient Rinse 7. Bush Doctor Bembé (0-1-3) Sweet & Dandy Sweetness Enhancer 8. Bush Doctor Microbe Brew (1-.3-.2) Plant Food Activator 9. Bush Doctor Kangaroots (.8-.1-.03) Liquid Root Drench 10. Open Sesame (5-45-19) Early Flowering Formula 11. Beastie Bloomz (0-50-30) Heavyweight Blossom Builder 12. Cha Ching (9-50-10) Late Flowering Fomula