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EMT and Credit Cards Accepted
EMT and Credit Cards Accepted

Fogged Out Vapes (Freebase)


FOV Labs is located in the heart of the Maritimes: Moncton, New Brunswick.

Blue Squares: The name says it all! This is 
an outstanding replica of your favorite childhood candy.
Explosive with Blue Raspberry flavor that is sweet & a little tart and most of all, never disappoints. If your a candy connoisseur this one is a perfect fit for you.

Green Squares: A roller coaster ride of green candy apple inhale and true apple exhale. Nostalgia at its finest. Enjoy a blast from the past with this candied heavy hitter much like its blue twin this is sweet and a little tart. Perfect for any candy connoisseur.

Mrs. Perry Roll: This is the sweet crusty brown sugar part of the cinnamon roll. It’s as authentic as it gets and has a fruity kick to it that delivers a perfect blend to bring it all home. You’ll be coming back for this one... Just like coming back to Grandma's kitchen for more!

Grapple: Inspired by the request of a few friends, and man, are we ever glad we listened! Another all day vape that is super refreshing and smooth. Best described as being punched in the face by grape and the aftermath is like hitting the back of your head on an apple tree.

WTF?!?: Literally a flavor that leaves you saying WTF?!? Best described as a sweet exotic blend that’s super refreshing. The best part about this juice is trying to figure out what’s in it!

Winters Passion: Craving a menthol fix? We’ve got your solution with our Winter’s Passion. A sweet mixture of fruits both exotic and domestic perfectly blended with menthol that leaves an icy finish on your palate. This is sure to satisfy your cold crisp cravings.