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EMT and Credit Cards Accepted
EMT and Credit Cards Accepted

Infyniti 14" Beaker Lip Base Color Accents on Crown, Perk & Lip w/ 8-Arm Tree Perk & Ice Pinch


This glass water pipe is 14 inches tall, with a 14mm female joint. Featuring the Infyniti logo and colour accents on the base, tree perc and mouthpiece. This beaker base has a built-in 3-pinch ice catcher and the 8-arm percolator filters the bong smoke which makes for cooler, smoother hits. Includes a glass herb slide and removable downstem. 

Water Pipe Features:

  • Size: 14" Tall
  • 8 Arm Tree Perc
  • Colour Accents
  • 3-Pinch Ice Catch
  • 14mm Female Joint